Decorative candles are a great way to make our home cozier. The warmth of the flame creates a mystic and delicate atmosphere. Such candles add to the room’s look even while not being lighted up. At NCandles’ online store you’ll find intriguing decorative candles that will suit your home space.

They complete the sophisticated and modern vision. Our products are entirely handmade with high-quality materials. Apart from their decorative function they also fill your home with an incomparable delicate scent. Here you’ll find the needed harmony between design and aromas that will complete your home interior.

Christmas candles

Nowadays Christmas is associated not only with the original holiday values but also with decorating our homes to create a festive atmosphere. We know that our clients’ excellent affinity for stylish home decoration directs them to look for a simple and elegant yet festive look. This is what guides us in creating Christmas candles. They should suit the overall winter holiday decoration and add up with their charming spark. At the same time, the carefully selected combination of colors and shapes creates balance. The Christmas candles you’ll find at NCandles present classical motifs while at the same time have their own identity. It’s based on simple lines and delicate colors that let you stay true to your stylish choices.

Candles with a photograph

You may place an order for candles with a photograph. They are specially crafted according to your preferences. The design depends on the image you send us. Candles with a photograph are an originative gift for significant persons. They are suitable for a child’s birthday surprise or a nice memory from a special occasion. The romance created by their flame also makes them a perfect choice for a romantic occasion. We will craft candles with an image for Saint Valentine Day or your anniversary. Such a present symbolizes your genuine feelings for your loved one

Gift sets

Candles are special on their own and at the same time may be complemented by some thematic accessories to create an even more exquisite present. Our sets include elements crafted similarly. They all come with a beautiful holiday box. It completes the elegant look of the present. These sets are suitable for various occasions such as family holidays, anniversaries, or personal achievements. They make an exquisite present that will speak of your flair. The gift sets come with a beautiful holiday box with NCandles' logo. We pick delicate colors such as silver, gold, and white. We believe that luxe is about simple solutions and soft, unobtrusive glow. That’s why our designs follow a simple yet elegant look. Check out our handcrafted products and get inspired to create an incomparable gift with us.

NCandles creates handmade candles with unique designs